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Simplified mobile parking with Flowbird

What is mobile parking?

Flowbird simplifies parking by offering a new easy to use solution that allows you to pay for parking via a device connected to internet. Mobile parking is possible via a mobile phone or our online platform from home or the office! Parking has never been so easy! Why hesitate about mobile parking via flowbird?

Is mobile parking with flowbird secure?

We are offering a highly secure payment solution that meets the standard of the payment card industry. The different payment options verify per mobile parking location. You will enter your debit/credit card information, during your first Flowbird parking session.   It is stored securely so a user never has to enter it again.

Can I use flowbird everywhere?

The parking app recognizes your location automatically by the GPS of your device and tells you if you can use mobile parking via Flowbird.  At this moment we activated our mobile parking service in many countries around the world. Go to the flowbird parking map and zoom out on the world to see where you can park! We depend on local authorities but we would like to hear in which locations our flowbird customers want to use mobile parking. Is your location not yet available? Contact our flowbird support team!

How can enforcement check that someone is using mobile parking?

Enforcement employees use a mobile device to check the license plate. They can look up all running parking sessions via flowbird in the system. Paper tickers are in the past! Better for you and the environment! If needed you can at all times look up your parking session in the history via your flowbird mobile parking app or the online platform 

How much cost mobile parking with flowbird?

Flowbird does not charge a registration fee. You pay a standard fee charged by a parking operator (local authority, private operator, Hospital or University) and an additional fee for using the flowbird mobile parking service. We specify the total fee of your mobile parking transaction during the session.

What are the benefits of flowbird?

Do you still ask yourself if you need mobile parking? Save money! Fines are in the past by our mobile parking solution. We only use a minute of your valuable time to use our mobile parking app. No more looking for cash or waiting in line for the parking meter! You can pay from anywhere with your parking app.


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